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Basketball snob

I  absolutely love this post


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Not bad for a rebuilding year, eh?

KU just beat Ohio State and we’re going to the championship!!!!  Not bad for a rebuilding year when we really weren’t expecting them to go too far. 

And I know this isn’t nice, but suck it Jack:)

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Have you heard this rendition of Hallelujah yet?  Beautiful, just beautiful.

I just love this song.

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Spring Break 2012

Our Spring Break consisted of:

  • Sleeping in really late almost every day
  • Playing outside a ton (the weather was BEAUTIFUL)
  • Going to see The Lorax
  • Taking a day trip to the Omaha Zoo
  • Going to Union Station to see a movie about the Titanic and the Titanic Exhibition
  • Having my car towed on the way home from Union Station and paying almost $1000 on repairs
  • Playing baseball at the park with friends

Besides the car repair stuff, we had a nice and relaxing long Spring Break.

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Spring 2012 sport schedule

Kenny’s soccer

Sat, March 24 @ 10am

Sun, April 1 @ 4 and 5pm

Sat, April 7 @ 4pm

Sat, April 14 @ 3pm

Sat, April 21 @ 2pm 

Sat, April 28 @ 11am and noon

Sat, May 5 @ 9am (note to me:  bring oranges)

Sat, May 12 @ noon and 1pm

Kenny’s football

Sat, March 31 @ 9am CMS

Sat, April 7 @ 1pm DTA

Sat, April 14 @ 11am CMS

Sat, April 21 @ 1pm and 2pm DTA

Sat, April 28 @ 9am CMS

Sat, May 5 @ 11am DTA

Luke’s soccer

Sat, March 31 @ 8:30am

Sat, April 7 @ noon

Sat, April 14 @ 10am

Sat, April 21 @ 8:30am

Sat, April 28 @ 11:30am

Sat, May 5 @ 9:30am

Text/email me for locations.

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Day trip to Omaha

We took a quick trip to Omaha on Friday to go to the zoo.  I WISH we would have had tournament tickets because the Jayhawks were playing there that night.  The zoo was fun – their indoor stuff is so much better than KC’s (but KC’s outdoor stuff is better than theirs).  Luke was kind of funny because he’s not normally afraid of things.  We  saw the desert dome as we were driving up and he automatically said that he was afraid to go in it.  He went in it later without any problems but it was a funny little start to our day.  We ended up driving longer than we were in the actual zoo but it was a fun day and nice to get away.

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St. Paddy’s 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Luke, Kenny (and our Jayhawk statue)!


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March Madness 2012

1.  I LOVE March Madness.  LOVE.

2.  KU didn’t make a #1 seed but they didn’t really deserve it.  The #2 seed was fine.

3.  I took this blindfold bracket approach and came up with KU to win it all.  It’s kind of fun if you haven’t already tried it.

4.  I actually had Kentucky to win it all in the first bracket I made.  I just couldn’t do it and ended up ripping it up and doing a new one where KU wins it all. 

5.  As much as I want KU to win (or at least do well), I want Mizzou to lose.  K State used to be my least favorite team but that honor has now gone to Mizzou.

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Last second grader

I swear that Kenny was one of the last second graders to ride a bike.  I tried to teach him a year ago but he had absolutely no interest in it.  I told him a few days ago that he was going to learn to do it whether he wanted to or not over Spring Break.  And he did.  He’s still working on his breaking (as opposed to jumping off his bike) but he’s genuinely enjoying it now.

Luke is riding his bike (with training wheels) now too.

And finally, a video of Luke riding his bike:



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Park pics 2012

Since this winter has been so mild (and the weather lately has been absolutely beautiful), we’ve been spending a lot of time at the park. 




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Kony 2012

Have you watched the Kony 2012 film yet? 

It’s a wonderful 30 minute film that is trying to raise awareness for what is going on in Africa with the LRA.  The LRA, run by Joseph Kony, has abducted over 30,000 children to use as soldiers or wives.  Kony is one of the world’s worst war criminals and their goal is for him to be captured and the LRA disbanded. 

How can you help?

1.  Go to their website and read all the information.

2.  Watch and share the video.

3.  Purchase merchandise or donate money.

4.  Find ways to post Kony information around your town/city or simply get the word out about Kony.  The goal is to make him famous, and not in a good way.

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