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Happy Easter 2012!

Our day went like this:

  • Easter baskets at our house, along with an egg hunt

  • Church with my family
  • Easter baskets, egg hunt and a huge, delicious lunch with my parents

  • Easter baskets, drinks and desserts with Eric’s family

I do also have a picture of the boys with the Easter bunny to put on here but it requires taking the computer upstairs to connect it to the printer/scanner.  Tomorrow, maybe?

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Easter eggs

I always feel like we dye our Easter eggs at the last minute and this year was no exception:) 

Camille and Mac (freshly shaved)

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Spring Break 2012

Our Spring Break consisted of:

  • Sleeping in really late almost every day
  • Playing outside a ton (the weather was BEAUTIFUL)
  • Going to see The Lorax
  • Taking a day trip to the Omaha Zoo
  • Going to Union Station to see a movie about the Titanic and the Titanic Exhibition
  • Having my car towed on the way home from Union Station and paying almost $1000 on repairs
  • Playing baseball at the park with friends

Besides the car repair stuff, we had a nice and relaxing long Spring Break.

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Spring 2012 sport schedule

Kenny’s soccer

Sat, March 24 @ 10am

Sun, April 1 @ 4 and 5pm

Sat, April 7 @ 4pm

Sat, April 14 @ 3pm

Sat, April 21 @ 2pm 

Sat, April 28 @ 11am and noon

Sat, May 5 @ 9am (note to me:  bring oranges)

Sat, May 12 @ noon and 1pm

Kenny’s football

Sat, March 31 @ 9am CMS

Sat, April 7 @ 1pm DTA

Sat, April 14 @ 11am CMS

Sat, April 21 @ 1pm and 2pm DTA

Sat, April 28 @ 9am CMS

Sat, May 5 @ 11am DTA

Luke’s soccer

Sat, March 31 @ 8:30am

Sat, April 7 @ noon

Sat, April 14 @ 10am

Sat, April 21 @ 8:30am

Sat, April 28 @ 11:30am

Sat, May 5 @ 9:30am

Text/email me for locations.

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Day trip to Omaha

We took a quick trip to Omaha on Friday to go to the zoo.  I WISH we would have had tournament tickets because the Jayhawks were playing there that night.  The zoo was fun – their indoor stuff is so much better than KC’s (but KC’s outdoor stuff is better than theirs).  Luke was kind of funny because he’s not normally afraid of things.  We  saw the desert dome as we were driving up and he automatically said that he was afraid to go in it.  He went in it later without any problems but it was a funny little start to our day.  We ended up driving longer than we were in the actual zoo but it was a fun day and nice to get away.

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St. Paddy’s 2012

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from Luke, Kenny (and our Jayhawk statue)!


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Last second grader

I swear that Kenny was one of the last second graders to ride a bike.  I tried to teach him a year ago but he had absolutely no interest in it.  I told him a few days ago that he was going to learn to do it whether he wanted to or not over Spring Break.  And he did.  He’s still working on his breaking (as opposed to jumping off his bike) but he’s genuinely enjoying it now.

Luke is riding his bike (with training wheels) now too.

And finally, a video of Luke riding his bike:



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Basketball 2012

Kenny’s last basketball game is on Saturday.  Not all of the boys are going to be there so their coach gave them their medals last night.

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Valentine’s Day 2012



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What’s going on

The last few weeks have been crazy.  As in, I completely over-extended myself crazy. 

Here’s some of the big stuff (nevermind the practices, games, normal work and everyday stuff):

1.  Chili Supper at Kenny’s school

I signed up to be the co-chair of fundraising at Kenny’s school this year.  Part of that position included putting the chili supper together.  Luckily, two of the women that ran it in the past were VERY helpful.  I’m sure I asked them a million and one questions but they patiently answered each and every one of them.  The easiest part of the whole thing was getting donations from stores and finding great deals on the food.  It was amazing how charitable the restaurant and four grocery stores that I went to were.  They either gave me gift certificates, food or supplies.  The hardest and most stressful part was getting families from our school to sign up to bring things (chili, muffins, crackers, drinks) or volunteer.  Everything came together at what seemed like the last minute and it seemed to go off without a hitch.  THANK YOU to everyone that helped out that night!!!!!!

2.  Family Fun Night at Kenny’s school

I also signed up to run the Family Fun Nights at Kenny’s school.  They’re only once a month but this one happened to fall on the night after the chili supper.  I did a dance for the kids and one of the dads at our school was the DJ.  It really was fun but it was just a really long week.

3.  New job

One top of all that, I was offered a new job two weeks ago.  I work in aquatics.  I’ve been at my current job for over 4 and a half years.  I love it and I’ll always have a place in my heart for it but I was just getting bored.  I turned in my resignation back in October.  January 1 was scheduled to be my last day but then they came back and asked if I would stay on until May, which is when my replacement would be there.  I agreed on the terms that I could cut way back.  My plan (after May) was to strictly work over the summers and stay home with the boys during the school year.  I’m sure that sounds a little backwards to some people but I like to be active at the boys’ schools and I feel like I just don’t get to see them very much during the school year as it is.  So, two weeks ago I was offered a job to put together and run a swimming lesson program for a local swim team.  The owner had actually approached me two years ago about it but I was happy where I was at the time.  It just seemed like perfect timing this time around.  I said yes and am looking forward to the new challenge.  I’ve spent the past two weeks putting a program together, getting instructors and starting on the website information and enrollment forms.  I’ve still got a lot to do but I’ve gotten off to a great start.  My lessons officially start in March.  March should be fairly quiet due to Spring Break.  I know things will pick up in April and May but the lessons are only for two hours on Sundays at one location.  That will change over the summer when we go to three or four pools with morning and evening lessons.  That’s next on my list to figure out. 

So, that’s what has been going on here.

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Here are a few of the latest things that have me saying, “huh?????”:

1.  What happened to size 9 in boys’ clothes?  It goes from either an 8 or 7/8 straight to a size 10/12.  I asked a saleswoman at Children’s Place the same thing and she didn’t know either. 

2.  My parents bought Kenny an iPod nano for Christmas.  He wanted to get an armband for it so he could run with Eric but Apple doesn’t make them for the smaller 6th generation version.  They just make a wrist armband.  Huh?  Who wants to run with it attached to their wrists?  The nano does, in their defense, have a clip on it but I guarantee that it would be broken within a month if Kenny just used that.  I was able to quickly find this one on-line from and it’s working out great.  I just think it’s weird that Apple doesn’t sell them at their store.


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Winter sport schedule 2012

Kenny’s basketball games:

Sat, Jan 7 @ 1pm

Sat, Jan 14 @ 9 and 10am

Sat, Jan 21 @ 1pm

Sat, Jan 28 @ noon

Sat, Feb 4 @ 3pm

Sat, Feb 11 @ noon

Sat, Feb 18 @ 2pm

Kenny’s indoor soccer:

Sat, Jan 14 5:10pm @ M

Sat, Jan 21 4:20pm @ L

Sat, Feb 4 6pm @ L

Sat, Feb 11 5:10pm @ L

Sat, Feb 18 6pm @ L

Sat, Feb 25 3:30pm @ M

Sat, March 3 1:50pm @ M

Sat, March 10 4:20pm @ M

Text/Email me for locations.

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Happy New Year’s 2012!


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Cell phone pics from 2011

I was going through my cell phone and found these pics that I never posted (and want to get on here).

Kenny and Luke playing RISK 

They are definitely my kids

Royals game in September

I swear Kenny was there but all of the pictures of him were with his friend JT (and I don’t want to put someone else’s child on here)

Luke sleeping with his shoes because he liked the lights on them

Camille with a huge stick stuck in her collar 

I have no idea how this happened but if she can get something caught in it (like here), she will.

Luke and his t-ball medal

Luke while eating at 75th Street Brewery

Kenny (and his medal) at his soccer banquet this fall


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Xmas ornaments 2011

I get the boys a new Christmas ornament every year.  I went with a sports theme this year:

I wish I would have recorded past year ornaments on here!


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First skiing lesson

I signed Kenny up for his first skiing lesson yesterday.  I wish Luke could have gone along too but you have to be 5 to take lessons at Snow Creek.  The lesson was 3 hours long and worth every penny.  He was skiing down the beginner hill by the end of it.

Report card:

And here are 2 videos:

1.  Taking the tow rope up the hill (despite what the report card says):

2.  Skiing down the hill:

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Christmas 2011

We started out a little worried about Christmas.  There was a bad stomach virus going around Kenny’s school  that we were praying we wouldn’t get.  We really didn’t want a repeat of Christmas 2009.  But, of course, Kenny got it on the 22nd.  We made it through the 23rd and 24th without anyone else having signs of getting sick so we celebrated with my family on Christmas Eve.

Getting ready for church:

Christmas Eve at my mom and dad’s house:

Christmas morning at our house: 

Santa may have forgotten to leave anything in the dogs’ stocking.  Oops.  We decided it was probably because they have been getting on our couch while we’re gone.  Luckily I had two bones for them in the cupboard that we were able to give them.

Christmas morning at my parents:

See the stockings in these pictures?  My Grandpa Bill and Grandma Dolly had one made for everyone back when I was little.  This year, my mom made ones for Kenny, Luke and Eric so that everyone now has one.  It took her a long time and they look great. 

Christmas Day with Eric’s mom, Amanda and AJ:

Remember how I said that we thought that we had escaped that stomach virus?  I ended up throwing up every hour on the hour Tuesday night and then Eric had a mild form of it.  I’m not going to say anything about Luke not getting it because I’m afraid I’ll jinx us:)  I’m just glad that it didn’t ruin our Christmas.  And I’m really hoping we didn’t pass it on to anyone else in the family.

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Merry Christmas 2011!

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Pictures with Santa 2011


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Kenny’s favorite things – age 7

Now it’s Kenny’s turn:

1. What is your favorite color? Scarlet.

2. What is your favorite toy? Legos.

3. What is your favorite fruit? Strawberries.

4. What is your favorite tv show? American Pickers.

5. What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? PB and J.

6. What is your favorite outfit? Royal’s jersey.

7. What is your favorite game? Wii Lego Star Wars:  The Complete Saga.

8. What is your favorite snack? Apples.

9. What is your favorite animal? Giraffe.

10. What is your favorite song? Save a Horse, Ride a Cowboy.

11. What is your favorite book? A 1,000,000 Things Space.

12. Who is your best friend? Harrison and Arden.

13. What is your favorite cereal? Honey Nut Cheerios.

14. What is your favorite thing to do outside? Play soccer.

15. What is your favorite drink? Hot chocolate with marshmallows.

16. What is your favorite holiday? Christmas.

17. What do you like to take to bed with you?  Blanket.

18. What is your favorite thing to eat for breakfast? Waffles. 

19. What do you want for dinner on your birthday? Brinner – waffles.

20. What do you want to be when you grow up?  Astronomer.

Go HERE to see what Luke’s favorites were.


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