What’s wrong with this picture?


 Note:  This was not a cake for me.  It just happens to be for a person named Suzanne. 

Julie e-mailed this to Billy who e-mailed this to me today.  Does this remind anyone of our disaster cakes from Henhouse?  Our first disaster cake happened on my 27th birthday.  My cake said Happy Birthday Suxanne.  Suxanne?  Then on Kenny’s 1st birthday cake we asked them to write Happy Birthday Kenny and then to draw a big number 1 underneath that.  Instead, this is what we ended up with:


 Needless to say, they gave us a discount on both of our cakes.  And yes, we still go back b/c they really do have the best cakes.  We’ve just learned to double and triple check everything they write down.


(Jim, Rachel, Brian and Carol)


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One response to “What’s wrong with this picture?

  1. Roianne

    I must say I’ve seen this before and laughed my butt off!! I made me laugh even harder seeing the cake that got made for you!!

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