Rock Chalk, Baby

Meet my new best friend, Bill:

Bill Self

University of Kansas 2008 National Champions

KU wins 75-68

 Can I tell you that the quote for the night is “Holy Sh@t”.  Seriously (excuse me but…) holy sh@t!  That was a great game.  I could have killed Eric b/c the whole night he kept talking about how KU was going to lose.  I told him we’d go into overtime and win.  I LOVE college basketball.  Rock Chalk, Baby!  There are fireworks and car alarms going off all over our neighborhood.  I can’t even imagine what Lawrence is like.  My brother Mike is the only one who went up to Lawrence tonight, and he’s the only one who didn’t go to KU.

Roy, it was really classy that you were cheering on KU in the stands.



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4 responses to “Rock Chalk, Baby

  1. THAT. was amazing.

    By and far, the BEST! DAY! EVER!!!!!!!

  2. Nicole

    yea for you! bill gets to be your friend now! see, i told you he was a nice guy :)

  3. kcjayhawk

    you were right. i’m his biggest fan right now.

  4. Jennifer

    WOOHOO!!! Yeah Jayhawks!

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