Booster car seat help, please

Eric is FINALLY off the midnight shift.  You cannot imagine how happy I am.  He’s now on a regular shift for the next few months.  I hate the midnight shift.  I don’t even mind him being gone at night, I hate him sleeping during the day when we’re home.  I feel like we have to either be really quiet or leave. 

Now, I have a question for anyone who has an older child:

What kind of booster car seat do you have?  I went to Babies R Us today, thinking that I knew what I wanted.  Then I talked to an employee and she kind of threw me for a loop.  I ended up buying 2 boosters, one for my Jeep (which has a latch system) that is a high back, latch system booster seat that will eventually turn into one of those short seats and then just a high backed booster seat for Eric’s Buick (his car does not have the latch system). 

Here’s my question:  Did you buy a high backed booster seat or one of those short ones?  Do you start out with a high backed booster and then buy a short one when they get older or do they just stay in the high backed one the whole time?   

If you have any experience with older kids, please let me know.  I’m probably thinking about this way too much but all of my friends have kids Kenny’s age or younger so this is new to all of us.   

*I’m writing this post during the KU championship game.  I needed something to do b/c this game is just way too close for comfort.  Please let my next post be a good one.*



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One response to “Booster car seat help, please

  1. Nicole

    Well, we just did the little seat without the back. When I got it more than a year ago, there wasn’t as much talk about these not being as safe as the kind with the back. I’m undecided about what to do next year when Bennett is 4…I don’t know if he’ll be big enough yet for the booster, though.

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