I broke his heart

Today was not that fun of a day. 

Too much going on + a tired 3 year old boy + the last day of school = Huge meltdown

Kenny had his last day of school today.  He also brought treats to celebrate his summer birthday.  That, for a 3 year old, is something to get excited about. 

After school, we met Eric out for lunch to celebrate. 

On the way home, I decided to stop off at this little greenhouse by our house.  I’d always meant to go but never had.  I shouldn’t have done it.  I knew it but what could happen if we just ran in and out?  I know better.  Kenny decided he wanted a flower.  I would have bought it for him if it wasn’t expensive and if I had somewhere to put it.  So he starts crying/chanting, “I want a flower.”  Over and over and over again.  I managed to get him out the door but then he ran back in to his flower (remember, the chant is still going on).  I managed to get him out the door and to the car.  When I went to put Luke in his carseat, Kenny ran back into the greenhouse.  I ran after him but couldn’t find him.  I knew he was in there and it wasn’t a big place.  Finally, one of the women working there showed me that he was hiding under one of the tables.  So, I dragged him out once again and strapped him in his carseat (crying the whole time) and drove home where he went to bed early…but not before he informed me that, “you broke my heart mommy.”  That probably would have broken mine if I hadn’t been so mad. 

We will not be going back to that greenhouse anytime soon. 

Update:  Kenny has been MUCH better since he woke up.  I’ll think I’ll chalk this one up to having too much going on.


(Kate and Eric)


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One response to “I broke his heart

  1. Nicole

    i can’t believe he said that!

    glad he recovered for the rest of the day…

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