Failed New Year’s Resolution

One of my New Year’s Resolutions was to run our church’s 5k.  I failed that one horribly.  Does it count that I walked it REALLY fast?

This weekend was our church’s celebration.  They really do a good job.  They have stuff going on starting Friday night and it ends on Sunday late afternoon with a carnival.  We did the 5k on Saturday morning.  Eric ran it.  I told him to run fast b/c they had accidentally entered me as running and him as walking.  I told him to make me look good.  It wasn’t a true 5k.  It was more like a 3 mile as opposed to a 3.1.  I want to say Eric ran it around 23 minutes.  He said Father Reggie was right there with him up until the last mile.  That’s pretty impressive.

We missed all the p.m. events b/c it was the Tip-A-Cop dinner at Johnny’s.  My dad was sick so he didn’t go but we ended up meeting the rest of my family and Billy’s girlfriend, Julie, up there.  Last year Eric raised $1500.  I don’t know if he raised that much this year but he had a lot of people there.

Today was the carnival.  Everything was free.  They had inflatables, games, food, pony rides, balloons and even little clown car rides.  

Both Kenny and Luke rode the ponies. 

Kenny played all the games and had the clowns make him an eye balloon, which my mom pointed out that it looked more like a skinny girl with a big chest.  What do you think?




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6 responses to “Failed New Year’s Resolution

  1. Nicole

    sadly, i think your mom is right. cute pics of the boys, though! and hey…there’s a 5k again next year, right?

  2. Kim

    Just surfed in . . . ran across your blog, a little bit of serendipity.

    There is never ‘failure’ in trying. More failure/regret comes from not trying at all.

    Walking really fast counts. I hope you enjoyed it :)


  3. suzanne

    maybe i can alter my resolution a little…how about if i change it to the thanksgiving sprint 5k. yeah, that’ll work :)
    6 months ought to do it.

  4. illinigirl

    After watching my friend kick butt at the Boston Marathon, I bookmarked the “Couch to 5K” link off a website. Ummm. . . I haven’t made it off the couch yet so kudos to you for at least walking it!

  5. suzanne

    i’ve heard of that. i’ll have to look it up today. oh, and get motivated. good idea.
    nice to meet you too.

  6. Jennifer

    I highly recommend the couch to 5K program. I used it to get running again after I had Noah (and I finished my first marathon two days ago, so it works)! There are a bunch of different ones, but I like the one at:
    Good luck!!!

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