Modified resolution

After writing this post, both my SIL, Jennifer, and Illini Girl commented about the Couch to 5k program.  It’s a 9 week program that gets you ready to run a 5k.  I’m going to do it and run the Sprint Thanksgiving Day 5k that we do every year, except I’m going to modify it a little.  I think I’ll turn it into an 18 week program since I have 6 months.  I can do it.  No walking.    

I also have to add that Jennifer finished her first MARATHON 2 days ago.  In Colorado.  With that high elevation.  I had no idea it was this past weekend.  Let me know how it went.  Are you doing another one anytime soon or are you done for a while?  I am seriously in awe of anyone who can do that!

Here’s the link to the Couch to 5k program :

I’ll have to track on here how I do to keep myself motivated.



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4 responses to “Modified resolution

  1. illinigirl

    Good for you! Maybe you can motivate me!!! :)

  2. kcjayhawk

    let me know if you ever have time to do it. we can complain about, i mean compare, sore muscle stories.

  3. Jennifer

    The marathon went fine and I am so glad I did it, but I am done with full marathons for a while. I’m looking for a 10K or 1/2 marathon to do next so I can work on speeding up. My friend is trying to get me to do the Pike’s Peak Ascent, but I don’t know that I’m on board for something that crazy.

  4. kcjayhawk

    I am so impressed.

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