Why exactly is that wet?

When I came home from work tonight Eric was relaxing on the couch after running on the treadmill.  He moved over so I could join him.  After a while I noticed that the bottom of my pants felt a little wet.  Wet?  It turns out that Eric’s butt was so sweaty that it made the couch wet.  He just went upstairs to shower* and I’ll be cleaning my couch tomorrow.  Yuck.

*I have to tease Eric a little here.  He ran upstairs to shower not b/c his butt is gross and sweaty and he absolutely stinks but b/c a bad storm is coming and he’s afraid of getting electrocuted in the shower.  He saw a story on the news the other day about a man in KC that it happened to and has been a little weird about it ever since.  He wouldn’t even let me give Kenny and Luke a bath the other night b/c it was storming out. 



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2 responses to “Why exactly is that wet?

  1. illinigirl

    Ha! Boys. . .

    I’m the same way with showers during a storm. My parents never gave us a bath during a storm (or made us *quickly* take them before storms). . . this has translated into me not doing this in my adult life either.

    (Oh, or it could also be because I have a lightning phobia and don’t do *anything* during storms!)

  2. Jennifer

    I won’t let Noah take a bath during storms either. I think we learned that from our dad as kids.

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