I took the boys swimming at the P.V. pool tonight.  I love going there later in the night.  They have this huge baby pool that is mainly in the shade by that point at night.  It’s deep enough for Kenny but shallow enough for Luke.  I digress.  We were driving home talking about when we would be able to go there again.  I was saying that I have to work tomorrow and Monday, Kenny has T-ball on Tuesday and Thursday and it’s Billy’s birthday on Wednesday so we probably wouldn’t go until Friday night.  Kenny’s reply to that, “damn.”  Oops…I guess we need to watch what we say around him a little closer.



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2 responses to “Oops…

  1. bulldawg mac

    Yes Suzanne is the one who teaches the boys all the naughty words, because it wouldn’t come from me…oh wait no Kenny learned S$%T from me when I nearly electrocouted myself when wiring things in the kitchen during our remodel. That was also when his vocabulary was still very limited. It was like something out of Meet the Parents…I felt like Ben Stiller.

  2. illinigirl

    That is too funny. Luckily I can control myself when volunteering. . . and don’t have too many other interactions with children because. . . I’m a single girl who works in a brewery. I’ve got a few curse words in my vocabulary. ;)

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