The good and the bad

The good: 

My car died after I parked it in the garage yesterday.  We had to have it towed to Jeep today but it was under warranty.  That means everything – the new battery and the tow was free.  My 3 year warranty is up in August so if the battery was going to go, I’m glad it was now. 

The bad: 

We finally had to cave in and buy a new roof.  We had some roofing companies come out in September to give us quotes.  We were praying that a bad storm would come through and do some hail damage but that didn’t happen.  So, we had Alliance come out today and do a new quote on a roof.  The good thing is that they will probably start it next week.  The bad thing is that prices have gone up since September.  A lot.  The guy said that they’ve had 6 price increases since then due to the price of gas.  The prices are going to go up again in 3 days so I guess it’s good that we’ll be locked in on the price tomorrow when the guy comes back to pick up the paperwork. 

Now would be the time for us to win the lottery. 


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