Happy 4th Birthday Kenny!


I became pregnant with you a year after Daddy and I were married.  It was such an easy pregnancy.  I had a ton of energy, I wasn’t sick and I didn’t gain much weight.  It was wonderful.  The bad part came after you were born.  You weren’t breathing well.  The doctors let me hold my beautiful little hazel eyed baby for a minute and then they whisked you away to the NICU where it was determined that you had pneumonia. 

It was scary.  You had all these IVs and needles in your head and feet and your head was in this clear, plastic oxygen tub which your Uncle Dan called your astronaut’s helmet.  After a few days on oxygen and with antibiotics, you started getting better and were able to be taken out of your helmet.  At that point Daddy was able to hold you for the first time. 

After a week in the NICU you were able to come home with us.  That was scary too because since you were our first child we had no idea what we were doing.  We managed to get through your first year without any tragedies.   

 You’ve done everything quickly.  Rolling, sitting, crawling, walking, talking, you name it, you did it early.  I think a lot of it had to do with the fact that I was able to stay home with you so we had nothing but one-on-one time.  I’m so lucky that I was able to do that.  I loved being there for every one of your firsts, especially your first birthday.  All birthdays are fun but the first one is always my favorite.  You were such a funny little guy that night.  You dug into your cake like there was no tomorrow but had no idea what to do with all the presents that you received.  You’re a pro at it now.  You like to help everyone open their gifts, whether they need the help or not.    

It makes me a little sad that you’ve accomplished/done so many “firsts” but I know you have a lot to come.  I can’t wait to be there when they happen.  

I still can’t believe what a water baby you are.  You’ve always love being in the water.  When you were an infant and were upset I would stick you in the tub (and that meant that there were a few days where you had 2 or 3 baths).  Immediately you would calm down and turn into my happy baby again.  Last summer we put you in swimming lessons for the first time and it was amazing how well you did.  Daddy thinks you’ll be going off the diving board and swimming to the side of the pool by the end of the summer.  We’ll see about that one. 

You’ve also really turned into a daddy’s boy.  You want to do everything that your daddy does.  I don’t mind.  Your dad is a wonderful role model.  If you grow up to be like him I will be so proud. 

You started preschool this past fall.  I was so afraid that you wouldn’t be able to go because it took you a while to get the hang of potty training.  I am so glad that you finally did.  You have no idea how glad I am.  Your first month of preschool was hard.  You would cry when I dropped you off in your classroom but your tears would stop as soon as I left.  I know it was hard but you needed more time with kids.  You love it now and have made some great friends. 

Make sure you’re nice to Luke because some day he will be your best friend.  I know there are days when you don’t believe me when I say that but it’s true.  He loves you very much and I know you love him just as much. 

I love you more than anything and I’m so proud of the 4 year old you’ve become. 





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3 responses to “Happy 4th Birthday Kenny!

  1. Jennifer

    Awww, that was so sweet it brought tears to my eyes! Did he have a fun party today? I wish we could have been there. Tell Kenny “Happy Birthday” from us!

  2. kcjayhawk

    he had a great party. we had a busy day with everything but he had a lot of fun. he tore through his gifts like there was no tomorrow.

  3. So sweet, and I love all of the pictures! What a scary first week that must’ve been with him.

    Happy Birthday, Kenny!

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