Happy Father’s Day

Eric and Kenny spent last night camping at Clinton Lake as a special treat b/c not only is today Father’s Day but also Kenny’s birthday (post to come).  Last year the boys bought Eric a fishing rod that had yet to be used.  The gifts this year followed that same theme.  Kenny and Luke gave him a nice folding chair, a tackle box, hooks and bait.  We let Kenny open 2 of his birthday presents before they left – a child size folding chair and a Superman fishing rod.  He was very excited, to say the least. 


Eric really is a wonderful dad.  He not only works hard so I can stay home with the boys but he’s also a great hands on dad.  I love you very much, even when I’m yelling at you for running during a tornado

This picture was from Eric’s first Father’s Day.  Kenny had pneumonia when he was born so he had to stay in the NICU for a week.  This sign was a cute little touch during a crappy time. 

 And I can’t forget my dad too.  HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to you!  Lord knows you deserve a celebration after putting up with Billy, Mike and I for all these years. 



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