Pics of the birthday boy

Here’s a picture from Kenny’s camping trip and then some from his birthday party:

Kenny and his new Superman fishing rod

And now for the birthday celebration…

His construction cake from Henhouse.  Notice, no mistakes on their part.

Kenny about to blow out his candle.

Luke enjoying some cake.

Opening presents.

Giving Great Grandma a thank you hug.

A full house.

Kenny had a great 4th birthday.  Thank you for coming over to celebrate with us and for all of his great gifts.  I wanted to take the boys out to the Farmstead this morning but Kenny said that he wanted to stay home and play with his toys.  He’s in heaven.



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2 responses to “Pics of the birthday boy

  1. illinigirl

    What a cool cake! Good work, Mom!

  2. Jennifer

    Oh my gosh, I can’t wait to see you guys. He is so cute with that fishing pole and don’t even get me started on how cute Luke is! Love those curls!!!

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