Now that he’s 4

We had been preparing Kenny for what turning 4 would bring:

a.  No more naps but there is still an hour of quiet time in his room.  There is an exception to this.  If he is naughty he does have to sleep.  And of course I told him that he can sleep if he wants to. 

(Dad, if you’re reading this stop now b/c I can picture you saying, “why is she writing about this.” )

b.  After going to the bathroom he now has to wipe, although some times we still have to do a final wipe. 

c.  No more pull ups at night.  This scares me more than anything.  He actually wanted to stop wearing them last week but I wasn’t ready so I said he had to wait until his birthday.  He usually wakes up with a dry pull up but there’s that random wet one every once in a while.  He’s now gone through 2 nights in underwear w/o an accident.  He was really hard to potty train so I figure that he owes it to me to do this well.  Right?

Oh, the joys of being a 4 year old. 

*Note:  I have to add that Eric didn’t have any incidents after drinking Shock Top the other night.  But he did only have one as opposed to 3 that crazy night.  We might have to do a test to see the effects of drinking different amounts of that stuff.  We’ve already found that one doesn’t cause anything out of the ordinary to happen but three, whoo.  I wonder what 2 does.*




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2 responses to “Now that he’s 4

  1. We’ve done the “hour of quiet time” since Luke was about 3 1/2, and it works really well for a kid with his personality…Bennett, not so much, but then again he’s still young enough that he SHOULD nap everyday, but instead only does once a week at the most.

    I let Luke read, play with quiet toys, or draw most days.

  2. illinigirl

    I love the wiping stuff. It’s the real deal! Stuff I definitely don’t think about as a single person! (and may *keep* me single. . . ha!)

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