One minute I was dry and the next, not so much

I, uh, sort of walked into the pool last night when I was working.  Wearing clothes.  My lazy river guard called me over b/c a man was complaining about kids in the pool with water guns.  My guard is new so she wasn’t sure if the boys could have them or not.  We talked, I walked away.  (This is where I have to explain that the shallower the pool gets, the wider it gets.)  The man who complained asked the guard something else.  I should have kept walking but no, I turned my head around and answered while I continued to walk straight ahead (when I should have veered right).  That’s when I walked into the pool.  It was only knee deep so it could have been worse but still, how embarrassing.  Luckily we didn’t have many people there.  If it had been 30 minutes later, I would have had a huge audience.  Eric had to bring new pants and shoes up. 

Nice, huh? 

I had a near miss last winter.  I had new tennis shoes on and I hit a slippery patch of tile and almost went head first into the lazy river.  Luckily, I stopped short by a few inches and just ended up going down on a knee.  That would have been bad. 


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