Bad dream

I woke up at 3 a.m. on Saturday morning b/c Kenny was yelling, “mommy.”  I went into his room and found him sitting up in bed.  He immediately said that he had had a bad dream and was scared.  I told him he could sleep with Eric and I (which we hardly ever let him do) and to grab his pillow.  As we’re walking out of his room he asked, “what’s a bad dream, mommy?”  That little stinker.  Score:  Kenny 1, Me 0.

Other Kenny stats:

Week 1 of Operation Wear Underwear at Night Without Having an Accident:  7 for 7 = 100% (YEAH!)

Asking me to throw him into his bed (after he accidentally bounced onto the floor) = 0

I guess I did traumatize him.


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One response to “Bad dream

  1. Jennifer

    Ooooh, he snowed you, huh? Yay for no accidents at night! That’s a big step.

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