Dirty little secret

Eric and I went through a phase where we watched the movie Eurotrip every weekend.  If you haven’t seen it, it’s totally inappropriate and crude but it really is funny.  This is my favorite part – I don’t know what my thing is with fighting scenes.



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3 responses to “Dirty little secret

  1. bulldawg mac

    It is one of the funniest movies I know of, and yes this is one of the best scenes, but it has a lot of classic one liners. The theme song “Scotty doesn’t know” by Lustra is also pretty funny and very catchy. Suzanne and I have it as a ringtone on our phone. If you own the DVD one of the directories commentaries talks about using the movie as a drinking game. Meaning that everytime there is nudity, swearing, or underage drinking you have to take a drink. Wes and I tried it one time and it didn’t take long for us to be pretty drunk and quit. If you made it through the whole movie you would be a champ.

  2. bulldawg mac

    That should be directors commentaries

  3. Amanda

    I LOVE THIS PART. Definitely the best. If I’m ever in a fight, I totally want it to be a robot fight. haha.

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