What’s yours is mine

I opened the lid of my deodorant 3 days ago and half of the stick went flying off and landed in the toilet.  I did not go after it (hehehe Illini Girl).  The remainder of the stick was useless so it went in the trash.  I’ve been wearing Eric’s since then b/c I’ve been lazy busy.  You know, besides the fact that I smell like a guy, it works really well.  Maybe even better then mine does.  So if you wonder why I smell like pine needles, that’s why.  BTW Eric, you’re almost out of deodorant.  You might want to make a run to the store :)


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2 responses to “What’s yours is mine

  1. illinigirl

    Ha! Yeah. . . I’m not sure if I’m an advocate of going after *most* things in the toilet. Just a phone. . . or maybe if you dropped a gold brick in the toilet? Deodorant. . . I’d pass!

  2. Jennifer

    Amanda had to pull her cell phone out of a toilet once. :) I’m always terrified of dropping my sunglasses down an outhouse toilet when we are camping.

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