Museum, movie and BBQ

Yesterday, Kenny, Luke and I met Christina, Becca and Reece at the Children’s Museum.  We had never been there before.  It’s out in Indian Springs (on the way to the airport).  One of the ladies who worked there said that they were joining with Wonderscope and would only be open for another few months.  Then in 3 years they were going to open a new facility, although they’re not sure where yet. 

Becca and Kenny

Becca, Luke, Kenny, Reece

While we were at the Children’s Museum my dad called.  He had taken the day off and wanted to take Kenny to a movie.  The last movie my dad saw in a movie theatre was Honey, I Shrunk the Kids which was maybe 20 years ago.  I dropped Kenny off at my parents’ house on our way home and my dad and Kenny headed off to Wall-E.  I guess they watched about 30 minutes of the movie but it was fuzzy so they went to the next showing of it and started all over again.  Kenny had a lot of fun and came home with a Wall-E watch that the movie theatre was giving out. 

Around 6 we headed to the Lenexa BBQ where my brother Billy and his friends (group name:  Ribs For Her Pleasure)  were bar-b-queing.  It was hot but it wasn’t horrible with all of tents/canopies that they had up.  Kenny was fascinated more with the tents then the food.  He loves tents after his camping trip. 

Eric and Billy

Our friends, Tony and Kristina, met us up there to eat the food and drink some beer. 

The food was SO good, especially the sausage.  Luke ate almost the entire time we was there.  I don’t think his weight will be in the 25th percentile next time we go to Dr. Miller’s – he’s been a little piggy lately.

We left shortly after this picture.  Luke had had enough and was ready to go.



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4 responses to “Museum, movie and BBQ

  1. eric

    The bbq was fun, and Luke was getting tired, but we also both needed the restroom and I know I didn’t feel like venturing into on of the many port-a-potties at the bbq.

  2. kcjayhawk

    i talked to tracey and she said that around 10 they told everyone that they had to leave or take cover b/c of the storm. i guess it wasn’t so bad that we left early.

  3. backpacktwang

    Gotta love those porta potties. Man, we need to get back there for the Lenexa BBQ next year!

  4. illinigirl

    Busy day! Looks like fun! (Especially the part that involves beer and bbq!) :)

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