There’s no going back now

I did it. 

Here was Luke this morning (notice the curls).

In the car on the way to….

get his hair cut (which he did not like at all).

Right after he was done…

we went home and I gave him a bath and actually brushed it.  Here’s his final look.  He looks like a boy now, right?



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7 responses to “There’s no going back now

  1. backpacktwang

    Awwww…I miss the curls! But he sure does look cute with the short haircut. Oh, I meant to tell you, Noah wanted to thank Kenny for the note he left on my blog the other day. He said, “I like Kenny.” :)

  2. Amanda

    Ah! He looks TERRIFIED in the picture when he’s about to get his hair cut. How sad. :o(

  3. illinigirl

    He’s cute before and after! :)

  4. Eric

    I think he looks more like a boy now, and I thought I wouldn’t miss the curls, but I do. He looks older now I think.

  5. kcjayhawk

    me too. i miss them. he seems so old now.

  6. he does look older…but still so cute! we have that navy and white striped outfit…and jack henry is wearing the matching one in red and white today!

  7. kcjayhawk

    i always knew you had good taste.

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