NBA 2008 draft

I’m going to be honest, I don’t watch NBA basketball.  Not at all.  But I do like to hear where the KU players end up going and what # pick they were.  Here’s how the draft ended up:


#13 pick – Brandon Rush (Portland but traded to Indiana)

#27 – Darrell Arthur (New Orleans)

Round 2

#4 pick – Mario Chalmers (Minnesota but traded to Miami)

#22 – Darnell Jackson (Miami from Orlando)

#26 – Sasha Kaun aka Shaka Khan by me (Seattle from New Orleans) although they say he probably going to play in the Russian pros b/c they offered him a big contract that they don’t think the NBA will match.

It’s great that they had 5 players picked up but I really wish that the non-seniors would have stayed to play another year.  It’s going to hurt our team.  Yes, I know that my best friend Bill Self says that the team is going to be great even w/o them but I’ll believe it when I see it.  Ye (I) have little faith.   

Don’t you love how Paul Pierce (another former KU player) was the MVP player for the NBA Finals?


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  1. backpacktwang

    I don’t watch the NBA either (it’s boring compared to KU basketball), but I also love to see where the players went. I wasn’t paying attention this year, so I’m glad you posted this. Paul Pierce RULES!!!!!

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