Happy Birthday Nicole!

Happy birthday Nicole.  I had to share some more pictures from our childhood to get back at her for this.  I even found some birthday party ones to commemorate the occasion. 

Here’s Nicole, Sarah Parks, Daniel Pelham and myself at one of my birthdays.  That must have been the look of the time b/c all 3 of us girls have the same haircut.  If you lined us up in a row I bet it would have been hard to tell who’s who.  Weren’t we tiny?

Last time I posted pictures here,  I used one from the same party.  Here’s Jacob, Nicole, me (behind Nicole), some girl (isn’t that terrible?) and Billy.

I know this won’t be your best birthday ever but I hope you’re still have fun celebrating with your family in Effingham.  Happy Birthday!

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One response to “Happy Birthday Nicole!

  1. Thanks, Suzanne :) It’s been a good day so far!

    Don’t you love our little haircuts?

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