4th of July

We had a busy 4th.  I took the boys up to VillageFest in the morning.  It was gorgeous out and not even that hot.  Last year we were seriously melting, it was so bad out.  We made our way around and listened to Mr. Stinky Feet, went to the petting zoo, watched the parade and looked at the police cars.  I think Kenny’s favorite thing was the huge Chinook helicopter that landed before we got there.  He walked through it 2 times and I think he would have done it all day if I would have let him.  He was pretty impressed.  I forgot my camera so I don’t have any pictures.  One of the guys that Eric works with, Brady, wanted to load Kenny up with guns from the gun display and take a picture.  That’s one picture I’m okay without.  The boys and I went out to lunch and then went home to take a nap (me too). 

That afternoon we went over to my parents’ house to eat dinner.  Billy and Julie came over too.  Mike was in Atlanta so he missed out on all the fun.  

I bought some popper fireworks that Kenny had fun with.   

Billy, Eric, Julie and I played a little hillbilly golf.  We played boys versus girls and Julie and I absolutely killed Eric and Billy 2 games to 1.   

Kenny and Luke went swimming in the screened in porch. 

We ate way too much food.  It was relaxing and fun.

We all headed over to Meadowbrook to watch their fireworks show.  I love the spot that we found last year.  It’s right on the edge of the golf course.  We were able to back the Jeep up, open the tailgate, set up some chairs, put out a blanket and watch the fireworks.  Luke wasn’t sure what to think when the fireworks started.  He whimpered for a while but then decided he loved them and started shrieking.  I think Kenny yelled, “explode” about a hundred times.  He has always liked fireworks.   


It was a fun 4th.



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5 responses to “4th of July

  1. backpacktwang

    It looks like you all had a blast. Those matching shirts are too cute. I love hillbilly golf!

  2. illinigirl

    Looks like a fun weekend. . . I somehow didn’t know about hillbilly golf. My family hasn’t played that. . . just bean bags (a.k.a. corn hole).

  3. kcjayhawk

    this was the first time we had played it too. my mom found it at toys r us (i think) and thought it would be fun. we liked it although we like most games.

  4. backpacktwang

    I didn’t know that you can buy hillbilly golf! Dan made ours (in Jayhawk colors) after we played it with Aunt Carol and Uncle Jim and Brian told us how he made his.

  5. kcjayhawk

    that’s way too much work. i know toys r us has it b/c i remember kenny pointing it out.

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