Worlds of Fun

Eric, Kenny, Luke, Mike (my brother), my mom and I went out to Worlds of Fun yesterday.  We headed out there after Luke took his afternoon nap and Kenny had his quiet time.  They have a discounted price (1/2 off) if you go after 4.  It worked out really well and the park wasn’t crowded at all. 

We made the mistake of taking Kenny on a big roller coaster (Spinning Dragons) first.  It was one of those where the car that you are sitting in spins while you are going up and down the hills.  You should have seen his face.  I think we traumatized him.  Not our best parenting decision ever.  After that, we had a hard time getting him to go on any rides, even when we went to the kid section.  It took a lot of convincing but we eventually got him to go on the train (notice his death grip).

He then worked his way up to rides that were a little faster BUT where he could ride with someone else, even if he didn’t know them.  In this case, there were only 3 of them on the ride but Kenny had to go in the same car as this boy. 

He finally started riding by himself.

And then he wanted to go on everything. 

My mom and I took him on Le Taxi Tours where you drive old fashion looking cars which are kept on course by a metal rod that goes down the center of the road.  My mom was in charge of the gas but Kenny did all the driving.  He actually did a good job.  We were all laughing the whole time.  I took a video of this but I haven’t been able to download it yet.  I’ll post it once I do it. 

The Taxis were the only ride that Luke was able to go on.  He was a trooper though.  He got a little fussy around dinner time but then we fed him and he was great.  My mom, Mike and I went on The Fury of the Nile while Eric watched the boys (Kenny was a little too short).  You should have heard Luke when he finally saw us before we got on our tube.  He was screaming at the top of his lungs while Kenny yelled, “Mommy, Mike, Grandma.”  Kenny would have loved that ride.  He’ll be able to go next year.

Here’s Grandma and Kenny on the Flying Dutchman.

Last but not least was the bumper cars. 

Crystal, Jennifer, Kris:  Next time you come out here, we’re going here with the kids.  They would have a ton of fun.  Even Noah could go on the rides.



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3 responses to “Worlds of Fun

  1. illinigirl

    Awww. . . poor Kenny. I’m one of those non-roller coaster people. Roller coasters = vomitting. I love all the other rides as long as they don’t send me upside down or anything.

    The bumper cars picture is adorable!

  2. backpacktwang

    Awesome! It looks like you all had a great time though. I can’t ride roller coasters for some reason anymore, but I used to love them. Now they make me have a headache for the rest of the day. Noah would have a blast there though!

  3. Eric

    same here, I used to be able to ride anything and not even feel it. Now if it spins I’m not going on it. I don’t even like the carousel at the mall. I rode the spinning dragons with Kenny and that was okay. Mike and I rode the boomrang which is a roller coaster that goes forward and then does everything in reverse. Forward was a blast. Reverse made me want to puke. Mike almost saw the hamburger I had for dinner.

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