She’s baaaacccckkk!

That lady came back to my work tonight and once again talked about the stuff that I never needed to know.  She wasn’t as bad but why, seriously, why do you need to tell me about your vibrator?  (Sorry mom, but they asked what it was about.)  The other day she told me that she asked her doctor if she could still use it and tonight she told me she needed batteries for her hardware.  Do I have a sign on my forehead that says “Please tell me all the gross details of your life”?  No, I don’t.  I don’t want to know that and don’t need any visuals in my head.  Yuck.  I’m now going to go drink a 2 Boulevard Wheats and try to forget this ever happened.



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5 responses to “She’s baaaacccckkk!

  1. illinigirl

    Okay, yes. . . Being Prudy McPruderson, I would not want to hear about that from anyone, really. . . and particularly from an elderly lady. . .

    Yet, I’m somewhat surprised that the doctor asked her not to come back because of that. . . maybe it was a combination of that and the racial slurs!!!

  2. kcjayhawk

    after talking to her for 2 days in one week, i’m sure that’s why he gave her the boot. plus, she kept talking about how everyone in her family was an alcoholic and her daughter is sleeping around. why would you tell a stranger that? why? way too much info.

  3. backpacktwang

    Scary! I bet now she thinks you are her best friend. Can you say “stalker material”?

  4. kcjayhawk

    can you say “I’ll be hiding next time she comes”.

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