A little bit of this, a little bit of that

First, I want to apologize to my husband for saying, “OK, what did you do?” when I came home the other night to these:

Wasn’t that sweet?  (I thought for sure he had crashed the car or something.)  So thank you for the flowers, honey.  You’re the best. 

Next, the roofing process is about to begin.  They dropped off the supplies today.  Most of which went on top of our roof.  Maybe so they don’t get stolen?  We cannot wait for them to get to work.  I’m thinking it will probably happen early next week.  Here’s a picture of them putting the shingles on a conveyor belt type thingy to get them on the roof.

A last look at our old crappy roof with the supplies on top.

And finally…I’ll leave you with this video of Luke walking in the driveway with the help of his John Deere.  I took this yesterday afternoon.  I hope you’re not getting video-ed out (I realize that’s not a word).


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4 responses to “A little bit of this, a little bit of that

  1. How nice of Eric :) To not crash the car and stuff.

    i love new walkers…it’s so funny to see them get going!

  2. bulldawg mac

    Yes I can be romantic every now and then, plus the flowers were on sale for .50$ a piece so a dozen was only 6 bucks.

    Its nice to see Luke walking, maybe now we could spring for some shoes for the poor kid.

  3. illinigirl

    It’s not possible to be videoed out. . . If anyone says they are videoed out, they are lying. I love when people post videos!

    Your house is cute!

  4. backpacktwang

    Noah says, “Hi Baby Luke. Good Walking. I like Kenny.”

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