She’s back…again

There are 3 of us who are managers on the pool side of where I work, Anna, Patrick and myself.  Patrick worked last Friday night and I knew that lady was coming in.  I decided to be nice and warn Patrick about her.  This was basically our conversation over the phone:

Me:  “Patrick, you have a lady coming tonight to use the therapy pool who’s interesting.  She needs help working it but you don’t want to get stuck talking to her…trust me.”

Patrick:  “But if she needs help, don’t I need to stay there with her?”

Me:  “Yes, but if I were you I would be working on something over there so you can still help her but not get stuck talking to her.”

Patrick (confused):  “Okay…”

He didn’t listen.  He helped her onto the machine and stayed close by doing something (not sure what) until she was almost done with her session.  He then made the mistake of talking to her.  She was even worse with him.  She talked to him about her “hardware” and told him that she had been around.  Then she asked him if he wanted to see a movie (she’s probably in her late 60’s and he’s in his 20’s) and tried to get him to dance with her.  Patrick said half of the time he was staring at her like she was crazy and the rest of the time he was laughing. 

All I can say is…I told you so!  (It feels good to say that.)



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3 responses to “She’s back…again

  1. Amanda

    Haha. Pat is way too nice.

  2. Eric

    If only Pat knew what it took me awhile to realize…always listen and do what Suzanne says. Life will be much easier.

  3. backpacktwang

    Stalker! Stalker!

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