Big boring

Kenny’s new phrase is big boring.  As in, this game is big boring.   

I’ve also begun calling him 60-40 b/c for a while everything that had to do with time was 60-40. 

Me:  “What time is it Kenny?”

Kenny:  “Uh, maybe like 60 40.”

I’ve now put learning time on our to do list, although I have to admit that it is kind of nice that he can’t read what time it is.  It’s so nice right now when, let’s say, it’s 12:48 and they’re both crabby, to say that it’s 1:00 (nap time/quiet time).  On second thought, maybe I’ll wait a little longer….




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2 responses to “Big boring

  1. illinigirl

    Big boring. . . kinda catchy. Do you know where he picked that up? I’ll have to start using that phrase and give credit to Kenny.

  2. Amanda

    So… Kenny asked me what time Grandma Mary was coming over today and of course I said, I dunno maybe like 60:40. hehe.

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