Couch to 5k update

I’m on my 9th week of running (which is week 5 of the program) and my running finally feels good.  I just did my second run of the week, which was a 5 minute warm up walk, 8 minute run, 5 minute walk, 8 minute run and finally a 5 minute cool down walk.  I know that’s not a long to people who run all the time but when you haven’t seriously run in 2 years, it is. 

I somehow tweaked my left ankle 2 weeks ago.  I’m not exactly sure when it happened but one of the streets that I like to run on has been under construction (technically closed) so chances are it happened there.  I took last week off b/c it was really stiff.  I was worried that I might need to rest it a little more but taking that one week off seemed to do the trick. 

My next and final run for this week is a 5 minute warm up walk, 20 minute run and then a final 5 minute cool down walk.  I’m not worried about it (I may change my mind after I’ve actually done it).  I really think it will be easier than week 4 of the program.  There was so much walk, run, walk, run, walk, run that it was hard to do the final segment of running.  The fact that it felt like it was 500 degrees out didn’t help either. 

The one thing that I do need to add to my running are some hills.  The path I run right now has 2 hills and they’re at the beginning and end of my workout so I’m walking at both points.  The Sprint Thanksgiving Day run has 3 hills, none of which are very big, but I know it will really hurt me, and my time, if I don’t get a little bit of practice on them.  I’m not looking for a personal best at the run.  I have no expectations I know it’s not going to happen, but I’d like to do it in 36 minutes like I did at my first 5k.  I am NOT fast.  I’m running around a 12 minute mile at this point so I’d need to hold a slightly faster pace then that at the race to hit my goal time.  I guess I’ve got a lot of work to do but at least the running feels good at this point.

This has absolutely nothing to do with running:  I took the boys to see the Steamboat Arabia today.  It’s a steamboat that sunk near KC while making a trip from St. Louis to Iowa in the mid 1800s.  A group of 5 guys figured out where it was (under a cornfield) and dug it and the artifacts up and put it all in a museum.  One of those actual men came to say hi to everyone after the movie part of the tour and asked if anyone had been there before.  Kenny stuck his hand up and said, “I haven’t.”  The man thought Kenny had said that he had been there and said so.  Kenny looked at him and yelled (yes, my child is a yeller), “No, I said I haven’t been here.”  It was cute and everybody laughed.  Expect Kenny to now talk to you about steamboats for the next week.



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5 responses to “Couch to 5k update

  1. kudos to you! reading this, even i, a non-runner, thought i should be following this program :)

  2. It sounds like you are doing awesome. I love to run 12 minute miles! Maybe you and I should do a little running together when I come into town.

  3. good joke. uh, that won’t be happening.

  4. It’s not a joke. I’m serious. I like running slow better than running fast. Running fast is hard.

  5. Good to see someone else participating in the Couch-to-5K. I just finished my third week and have lost almost 10 lbs (my next weigh in is Monday…hopefully I’ll see a few more lbs come off). The C25K is something that has helped me tremendously. Good luck with your pursuit of shedding the weight! :-)

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