Luke’s 1st Royals game

My dad was able to get us free tickets (and parking) to the Royals game today.  We had great seats which were 8 rows up from 3rd base.  Luke made it until the bottom of the 6th and then it was time to go.  It was beautiful out but a little hot. 

Luke and I in our awesome seats


Luke and Kenny

Kenny’s favorite part of the game, eating a chocolate malt with Eric and Luke

Me and Kenny (with chocolate malt on his teeth)

Eric’s mom and my family came over for cake after dinner.  Here’s Eric blowing out his candles:

Happy birthday again!

I ran my 20 minute run today and it went great.  I was by no means fast.  I started out a little faster then a 12 minute mile and by the end I was closer to a 13:30 to 14.  But I did it!  I wonder if I burned off at least half of that piece of cake that I ate?



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2 responses to “Luke’s 1st Royals game

  1. illinigirl

    Happy birthday, Eric!!! :)

  2. Too cute! I love the one of Luke and Kenny in their sunglasses.

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