Time out

This is how it works in our house.  Kenny has this responsibility chart.  His daily responsibilities include stuff like getting dressed, brushing his teeth, making his bed (I help), picking up his toys and not going in time out.  Now, if he has a time out 3 days in a row he loses his Leapster (he plays it in the car) for the remainder of the 3rd day and for the entire 4th day.  He loves his Leapster so this is a big deal.  His frequency of time outs go in waves but for the most part he’ll usually just have a rare one here and there.  I can already tell you that this week is not going to follow that pattern. 

Kenny went in time out on Sunday, right before everyone came over for Eric’s birthday.  I can’t remember what exactly he did but then he got in even more trouble when he started spitting on his floor while in time out. 

Monday wasn’t bad.  We met J.T. and Anne up at the *zoo.  He and J.T. had a blast but he did have a meltdown when he didn’t want to get off a ride.  No biggie though and no time out required.

Tuesday got worse.  He had the biggest sassy little mouth ever.  I couldn’t believe it.  And he was just mean to Luke.  He finally went in time out after he hit Luke in the head with a dinosaur (100% on purpose). 

Yesterday took the cake.  We met the Tobens at *Science City.  Kenny and Becca were digging for dinosaur bones and Kenny hit Becca in the hand with a shovel and made her cry (and Kenny is not a hitter).  I wouldn’t let him dig for any more dinosaur bones after that.  Meltdown #1.  Then at lunch he wouldn’t give Luke a crayon.  THEN he started sassing.  After a final warning to give one to Luke, he chucked 2 of them across the restaurant.  That was the last straw.  Quiet time was not even an option after that.  He had to take a nap.  Surprisingly, he did go to sleep pretty fast.  He was a little bit better after that but there was still a little sass going on. 

I’m not trying to be pessimistic but I have a feeling that today won’t be any different. 

Kenny, please prove me wrong.  I would love for you to do that.

(*I don’t have any pictures from the zoo or Science City.  I forgot to bring my camera to the zoo.  I brought my camera to Science City but left the memory card sitting in the computer.)



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3 responses to “Time out

  1. I hope today’s better for you, too. I know how you feel, though, if that makes it any easier!

    I love that chart by the way. Trouble is, where do I (eventually) hang three of them? :)

  2. illinigirl

    Awww. . . sounds like a rough day. I, too, love the chart. . .

  3. kcjayhawk

    i found that chart at target and i hang it behind kenny’s bedroom door.

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