Kenny and my mom went bowling this afternoon while Luke and I watched.  Kenny loves, loves, loves to bowl.  Unfortunately, his parents do not so he’s lucky his grandparents will take him. 

Notice his score in the 7th frame (frame?  I think that’s right).  Kenny threw a spare with the kid rails up.  Good job, baby!

Here’s a video of Kenny bowling.  It’s not his spare shot but he came pretty close.  We told him that he bowled better when he danced.  The weird thing was that it was true.  So if any of you are bowlers, feel free to try it out :)

And while Kenny and Grandma played, Luke did this all over the bowling alley.  He is getting so good at walking now.  Why did I ever worry?  Also, did you notice that his curls are coming back?



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2 responses to “Spare

  1. I’m so glad those curls are coming back. Luke is adorable! I love Kenny’s dancing too.

  2. bulldawg mac

    Do they have bowling in the Olympics? Maybe Kenny could get a gold medal in bowling.

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