The arboretum

I saw this top 10 list of free things to do with kids in KC.  On that list was Cave Springs.  We tried that last Friday and it was a complete flop.  Do NOT go with young kids.  The paved path goes maybe a half mile and that’s it.  We ventured onto the dirt paths but spent the majority of the time dodging and weaving spider webs.  Plus, there weren’t any signs anywhere.  We had no idea what we were doing.  I was hoping for a pamphlet with trail guides but none were to be found.  I’m sure if I had older kids or if I was a hiker I would love it out there but I’m not.  So I didn’t. 

So, today Eric had the great idea of going out to the OP arboretum.  I had only been there once before for our friends’ (Adam and Julie) wedding but I remember it being really pretty.  It was a much better place to go with kids.  They have maps, the paved paths go a long way and there is something to look at the entire way.  We were out there for over an hour and a half and didn’t even get through all the paved paths.  Plus there are mulched paths that you could easily take a jogging stroller on.  Next time we’ll hit those.  Good idea honey!

Luke and Kenny

Kenny, Luke and Eric by the lake

Eric and Luke in the Shrinking Tunnel

Kenny, Luke and Eric looking for the different fossils

This reminded me of Illini_Girl and The Bean.  Where did Kenny go?

There he is in the grass maze with Eric


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  1. looks like a fun day! love that eric and kenny have on their matching shirts. that happens around here a lot on saturdays, when all of the boys end up in illini gear or cardinals shirts!

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