Works-for-me Wednesday – Chigger bites

I guess chiggers, not to be mistaken for mosquitoes, love my mom.  She can’t do any type of outdoor work without getting eaten up.  Someone recently told her that wearing a dryer sheet will keep the chiggers away.  So last week she worked outside (long enough to fill an entire big trash can full of weeds) with a dryer sheet tucked in the waistband of her pants.  And guess what…no chigger bites.  I wouldn’t wear a dryer sheet out in public but it’s worth a shot around the house.

It worked for her and I hope it will work for you too.  Head over to Rocks in My Dryer for more tips.



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2 responses to “Works-for-me Wednesday – Chigger bites

  1. thanks for the tip! i get them all the time too if i’m working outside, so i’ll try this :)

  2. Bounce brand works the best. Also works for mosquitos. You can also rub the dryer sheet on your clothes and skin.

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