Gross story of the week

Kenny was just going to the bathroom.  I opened the door to find him pouring yellow water (obviously pee) from their bathtub cup into the toilet.  He had obviously decided to pee into the cup and then dump it in the toilet.  This is the cup that we use to wash their hair at night.  The cup that I’ve seen Luke fill up with bathtub water and drink from.  The cup that I touch every night.  I asked Kenny if he had ever done it before and he said no.  I then asked if this was the first time he had ever done it and he said no.  Hmm…I’m going to guess that this wasn’t the first time.   

I’m off to wash the cup out with soap in the sink and then rewash it in the dishwasher.  Oh, and cleaning out their tub and bathtub toys.  I know pee isn’t dirty but it’s the whole idea of it.


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  1. gotta love boys! creative, aren’t they?

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