Good-bye summer

We’re all so sad that our summer has officially come to an end.  The outdoor pools were open for the last time today so we had to go for one last swim.  I had planned on taking the boys up to the PV pool but my parents had all of us over for dinner (except Eric, who had to work – don’t worry, I brought home leftovers) so we didn’t have time to make it up there.  Instead we went to the Lenexa pool where I went as a kid, although when I swam there it was a big rectangle with diving boards.  The city renovated it sometime in the past maybe 10 years.  Why didn’t we have pools like this when we were little?  The boys had a lot of fun.

Kenny and Luke in the fountains


Kenny in the sand

Luke liked the sand but didn’t want to put his feet in it


Here’s a video of the boys in the fountains.  Kenny loved it, of course.  Luke wasn’t too sure about it at first but then couldn’t get enough.  He screamed the whole time he was in there.


(Richard and Hazel on their 60th wedding anniversary this summer)


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2 responses to “Good-bye summer

  1. That pool looks like a blast!

  2. illinigirl

    Cute video!

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