Works-for-me Wednesday – gift for a 6 year old boy?





Gift for a 6 year old boy?




Today is the backwards editon of Works-For-Me Wednesday. 

So, instead of offering advice, I’m asking for help.  Here goes…

My nephew turns 6 this month.  Does anyone have any great ideas for a present?  Is there something that you’ve come across that they’ve loved? 

My oldest is 4 so I could pick out a gift for that age and younger in a heartbeat but I’m not as good with the older kids.   

Stop by Rocks in My Dryer to see if you can use your expertise to answer someone else’s questions.

**UPDATE:  Thank you all for your input.  I ended up getting this.



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11 responses to “Works-for-me Wednesday – gift for a 6 year old boy?

  1. I am not sure of your nephews interests but I have a six yr old son who loves art, and legos.. Building and designing is his favorite thing to do. He loves playing his V Smile pocket. (educational alternative to video games). I hope that helps a little bit :)

  2. A great site to find gift ideas is at I’m not sure if they have ideas for age 6, but I think they might.

  3. I have to say that legos are probably a good idea, or hot wheels with some sort of little track or something. I also have a lot of luck with Nerf stuff – always fun!

  4. i’m loving the ideas. keep them coming.

  5. legos was definitely going to be my suggestion. luke loves the smaller sets that he can put together himself.

  6. Legos. Gears. (Search for Gearello on Amazon — it’s like Legos on steroids!) Art supplies. Board games.

    These are just some of my ideas at the moment!

  7. as a mom of three boys, I appreciate a gift that adds to their collection instead of a gift that introduces something new. Is that bad? It’s an organizational thing for me. My boys love legos, ben 10, batman, and webkinz. but, I’d still see what his parents say he likes.

  8. Actually, I had just such a dilemma a year or so ago. I got him a venus flytrap. He was fascinated. A little scared, but fascinated. We fed it tiny bits of hamburger (not the best idea), and watched the plant mouth snap down shut on it.

    A plant that eats things is the coolest ever to a boy.

  9. Kids this age love things they can experiment with. You can go to a museum store or even Target or Michael’s and get a science kit. Or make-your-own stuff (bubble gum, ball, bumper stickers, etc)
    Good luck!

  10. Lisa

    I’m shopping right now for my son’s 6th birthday! He gave me his “list”…. he wants a yo-yo, a remote controlled spider from Target? (this is his list…I can’t vouch for the accuracy), Legos (there’s a Death Star one that he mentioned…he’s not getting it since it’s $200! and for ages 16+), he wants the movie “Hoot,” more Magic Treehouse books (13, 14, 15, 16), the game of Life :), he wants more boxer shorts, flip flops (he takes Tae Kwon Do and it’s easier to slip on and off), rubber boots to play in the rain, a Star Wars light saber that glows, and games for his PSP and Wii (though I tend to not go that route).

  11. sorry lisa, i just now went through my spam comments and for some reason yours went in there.

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