Running (and) strollers

This week my C25K program had me running three 25 minute runs.  And they sucked.  My running felt so good until this week so it’s a little frustrating.  I can run 25 minutes w/o stopping.  I’ve done it in past weeks of this program but this week it was hard.  Like, I barely made it, hard.  Hopefully I can just chalk this up to a bad week and next week will fell better.  I’m crossing my fingers.

I’m so excited about this one…my mom’s friend knew that I wanted a double jogging stroller.  I have a single one and didn’t feel like shelling out another chunk of money for a double.  Anyways, Kathy called me yesterday from a garage sale where they were selling one for $30.  I asked her to grab it for me.  It’s now sitting in our garage waiting to be cleaned.  I can’t wait to use it.  And no, I will not be doing my C25K runs with my 2 kids in the running stroller.  I would have a heart attack.



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2 responses to “Running (and) strollers

  1. Hang in there with the running. Sometimes I have weeks where it just feels horrible, even runs that I’ve done a million times. At times, I can identify a cause…like too much junk food or not enough water or it’s too hot outside. But sometimes it’s just out of nowhere for no reason. Yuck! I hope your runs this week are better.

  2. kirksonya

    Great deal on the double stroller!

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