Friday’s Favorite Destinations – Anchorage

I know a lot of people don’t make it to Alaska, but you should.  It’s beautiful up there and flying in over the mountains is just stunning. 

Time difference:

Anchorage is 3 hours behind KC (cst).

Where to stay:

I don’t have a great place to stay.  Our hotel was okay but nothing spectacular so I won’t mention its name. 

How to get around:

Walk, taxi or rent a car.

What to do:

One of my favorite things to do was to go to the outdoor market at 3rd and E Street on Saturday mornings.  They sold food, crafts, handmade soap, pictures, basically just a little bit of everything.  Plus, Anchorage doesn’t have a sales tax so when you bought something for $19.99, it was $19.99.  Nice. 

There was the best dance club called Chilkoot Charlie’s.  It wasn’t downtown so you would have to drive or take a taxi to get there.  The actual bar was separated into different (huge) rooms.  Each room had a different theme to it and music to match.  Great idea!  I went there in the summer when it didn’t really get dark outside.  We went back to the hotel around 2 in the morning and it was still light out.  Not like mid afternoon but more like right before dusk. 

One of the pilots that I flew with used to rent a bike and go riding up and down the trails almost every time he went to Anchorage.  He loved it and highly recommended it.  Just watch out for the moose.  Just kidding, I never even saw one (although I hear they can be mean). 

I wish I had gone on one of those airplane rides where they take you over the glaciers.  I thought I would be flying for a while so I figured I could do it the next time I went, which didn’t happen.  That’s the one thing I really regret not doing.   

Where to eat:

We always ate at Humpys.  They had good food and there was always something going on there.  Loved it!  We also tended to go to Darwin’s Theory.  I’m really not sure why.  It was a small, little bar where they gave out free popcorn to eat with your beer but it was more townies than anything else there.  I would stick to Humpys.

To end this post, I have to add that you always here that the majority of the population in Alaska are males.  It seemed like that was true when I was there.  So, single ladies, have fun :)


(Dan, Noah and Jennifer – Christmas 2006)


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