I finally ran this morning after taking last week off.  I don’t have any excuses for not running last week.  I just didn’t feel like it.  That’s all.  This morning felt great.  I did it all and didn’t curse running in general even once.  I’m going to run again tomorrow morning and then either Saturday afternoon or Sunday evening and then I’ll be back on track.  Is it Thanksgiving yet?  I’m almost to the point where I just want to run this 5k and be done with it.  I know I could run an earlier one but I’m not 100% ready for one yet – I STILL need to work on those hills and some more endurance.  Kenny is sick and coughing on everything and anything and I’m just praying that the rest of us won’t get it.  That would set my running back even more.  

Our 6th wedding anniversary is on Saturday so pictures will be coming soon. 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY NEPHEW WILL!  I ended up getting him this.  I heard that Mary was especially good at it :)  Thanks for all the input!

(Kylie and Will)


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One response to “C25k

  1. illinigirl

    There’s a 5k at work in the beginning of November. Hmmm. . . if I’m going to do this, I probably need to get off my butt now. . . hmmmm. . . we’ll see.

    Still on the dang couch. :|

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