Happy birthday Mike!

Today is my youngest brother’s 24th birthday so I thought I’d share some funny Mike stories.

-I had this great umbrella stroller for my dolls.  When Mike was a toddler we used to load him into it and run around the house.  I’m surprised we never seriously hurt him.

-When we were growing up, he was absurdly afraid of the movie Teen Wolf, especially the part where Michael J. Fox turns into a werewolf in the bathroom.  I told him that I could make him appear by saying Teen Wolf three times.  He was our personal slave for a while after that.

-He was also afraid of this giant Santa Clause doll-thing that my parents had.  In his defense, it was kind of freaky looking.

-Mike is the only person that I know of that has had a black and blue nose.  My other brother, Billy, pinched it so hard that it happened.

-Mike once used all the gas that my parents had for the lawn mower to fill up his car and then put the empty containers not back where he found them but out in the yard.  Hmm…maybe no one would notice.

-My mom once told Mike to change for something and to put his old clothes up in his room.  Instead of making the trip upstairs, he stashed them under the dining room table.  My mom found them days later.


(Mike and Kenny)

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