Dot dot dot

I had to work last night and that lady came in.  I avoided her for most of the night but then she cornered me in my office before she left.  She wanted to talk.  I learned that she had a yeast infection, people at her church call her The Cougar b/c she likes younger men and that she went on a date 10 years ago and did dot, dot, dot (…) , which is her new expression.  I think I stared at her with my mouth hanging open the entire time she was talking.  I finally had someone come save me by saying they needed my help.  The only good part is that Eric’s schedule has changed again so I’m going back to working mainly weekends.  That means I shouldn’t see her again – I hope.  Seriously, I can’t do it anymore.

On a non-gross note:

We had a great anniversary, not as great as last year when we went to San Diego for Steve’s wedding, but fun.  We went to Bravo and then saw Mamma Mia! The music in the movie was the best (you have to love ABBA) but the movie was a little corny.  The play was much better.



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2 responses to “Dot dot dot

  1. kirksonya

    Can I vote for San Diego to be one of your destination Friday’s sometime? We are thinking about going there next summer for a family vacation! :-) Glad you had a fun anniversary.

  2. hmm…i think i can do that. san diego is beautiful! we loved it.

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