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I took Kenny to the ENT doctor yesterday for his 2nd or 3rd follow up on his ears.  They tested his hearing and it’s actually worse than it was in May.  Part of that may be b/c of the cold he had last week.  We’re going back once again in November and see how they look then.  I have a feeling he’s going to get tubes since it will be the start of cold season.  Knock on wood that he doesn’t.

Last night I went to a parent education program at his preschool.  I’ve said it before but I just love his preschool.  It isn’t for everybody.  They follow the High/Scope method of teaching preschool where the kids learn through play and experience.  Kenny’s teachers went through the whole philosophy last night, which most of already were familiar with since our kids went to school there last year.  Even so, it was nice to go through the nuts and bolts of it. 

Kenny had his last swimming lesson this morning for the September session and he passed the first wave class.  He actually passed last time but there there was a note on his certificate that said he needed to work on swimming backstroke 10 yards a little more so I didn’t move him up.  This time there weren’t any notes so he’s going to be in the second wave class next.  Good job baby!


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  1. Poor little ears. Those darned colds! I will keep my fingers crossed that he doesn’t need tubes. His preschool sounds awesome!!! Congrats, Kenny, on passing your first wave class!

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