A very bad week (financially)

Having a plumber fix our broken kitchen pipe:  $700

Having a repairman look at our washer that is no longer working (only to tell us that we should buy a new one):  $65

Purchasing a new washer AND an extended warranty:  $677

Having our garage door fixed:  $210

Crossing those things off our to do list (b/c we had to):  Priceless

Seriously, if anything else breaks, it will stay broken.  That’s how done I am with fixing paying to fix things.  Okay, rant over.



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3 responses to “A very bad week (financially)

  1. this has to be it, right? :)

    hmmm. by the title i thought you referring to the market being down 777 points today. that’s bad, too.

  2. illinigirl

    Yikes. The joy of homeownership. I think between your roof and all this stuff. . . you’ve had enough *joy* for a few YEARS.

    I’m still putting off dealing with my air conditioner. . . maybe after the holidays.

  3. Ugh! I hope you are done for a while!

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