Open house

Kenny had his open house at school tonight.  I made sure that we were one of the first ones there b/c if you’re not, it gets too crazy and crowded.  Here’s a picture of the boys on our front step.  I swear I did not dress them alike on purpose. 

Kenny had a few art projects to show.  One of them is hanging on the wall behind him.  It’s a self-portrait.

Here’s a close up shot.  He said the green thing on the side of his head is my hand.  I’m going to assume that I’m gently cupping his face and not smacking him. 

A popsicle picture stand?  Maybe? 

We have a busy day tomorrow.  Kenny goes on his all day field trip, Luke and I start a Gymboree class and then Kenny and I are going to see The Lion King at night.  More on that later.



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3 responses to “Open house

  1. They look so cute! :P

    I LOL at your hand cupping his face comment…don’t you wonder what they’re thinking sometimes with the stuff they draw?

  2. illinigirl

    What a lovely green hand you have! :)

  3. You definitely have a little artist there! C’mon…it’s abstract!!!

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