Loved it

Kenny and I went to see The Lion King last night at the Music Hall.  It was AMAZING!  It wasn’t my favorite Disney movie but it was unreal how they played it out.  The costumes and visuals were the best part.  There was always something to look at and something to wonder over.  If it is playing in your area, you HAVE to take your kids to see it.  Kenny loved it and was in awe the entire time.  I cannot say it enough times, it was amazing.

**UPDATED:  I found a clip on You Tube:



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6 responses to “Loved it

  1. Annie

    I saw it on Broadway in NYC several years ago…It WAS awesome. The costumes and sets are so inventive! I’m sure Kenny loved it.

  2. Do you think Noah is old enough for that?

  3. it was longer than i thought it would be…3 hours. i’d say if he could sit for that long he’d be okay. but if he’d talk and get restless, no. i think kenny was the perfect age (4).

  4. annie- i bet it was even better on broadway. i’m jealous.

  5. He soooo can not sit still for that long. We’ll wait until he is older.

  6. Amanda

    I’m impressed Kenny sat still for that long. I can barely sit still that long…

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