While Kenny was at school today, Luke and I played outside.  I started taking pictures of him playing in the leaves.  Every time I took his picture I had him say “cheese” which turned out more like “eez”.  I tried to get pictures of him doing other things but every time I told him to say “cheese” he would run over to the leaf pile.  I think I may have confused him. 



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7 responses to “Eez

  1. Sonya

    Very cute pictures! Looks like he was having a great time.

  2. he is just SO CUTE! this reminds me; i need to get the pictures i have of jack henry in the leaves off my camera. look for a similar post from me very soon!

  3. I LOVE THOSE PICS!!! Is there any way I could con you into sending me one for a pic frame??? I will send you money.

  4. kcjayhawk

    yes, you must pay the entire $1 for shipping :) i need to get luke in for his 18 month pics this month so i’ll send them all out together (free of charge). you’re too funny.

  5. Karen

    So cute! There is no better picture that kids in leaves! I’m enjoying your blog!

  6. bulldawg mac

    Awww he’s cute just like his Daddy

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