Luke – 18 month checkup

Luke had his 18 month checkup today.  There is a shortage on the shot he was scheduled to get so the only one he got today was a flu shot.  The rest of his appointment went well.   The only thing out of the ordinary is that he’s going to have to start taking a stool softener.  I swear it seems like the boy has lumps of coal in his diaper some times.  I’ve been giving him Activia, prune juice, oatmeal and raisins, which did help get things going but not enough.  Dr. Miller thought a stool softener every 2-3 days should take care of the rest.  Aren’t you glad I shared?

Here are his stats:

Height:  33 inches (75%)

Weight:  25 lbs, 6 oz  (45%)

Head:  19 inches (80%)

One of our dogs (technically my parents’ dog but she’s really mine), Maddie, is at the pet hospital.  I guess she wouldn’t eat yesterday and then kept throwing up.  The test results aren’t back yet but the vet thinks she has some type of bacterial toxin.  Poor baby was on an IV when I went to see her today.  Hopefully the results won’t show anything serious and she’ll bounce back.


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  1. Luke is such a tall and slim little guy! Oh, your poor doggy. I hope she is ok soon.

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