Addison’s disease

Dr. Gates (our vet) is pretty sure that our Westie, Maddie, has Addison’s disease.  I guess it’s a genetic disorder where the body doesn’t produce enough cortisol.  That means she’ll be on cortisone shots or (hopefully) pills for now on.  Poor baby.  My mom and I went to see her today (she’ll be at the animal hospital until possibly Friday) and my brother Mike showed up at the same time.  Maddie looked much better today.  Yesterday she didn’t even wag her tail when she saw me.  Today, they carried her into the room but then let her walk to see us.  She was wagging her tail and just seemed better all around.  She looked so funny though.  They had to shave her 2 front legs where her knees are (do they call them knees on dogs?) to put in the IV.  My mom was joking that she might have to buy her leg warmers to cover up her bald spots. 

We should find out soon if it’s Addison’s or not.  Dr. Gates said everything is pointing that way.  At least it’s treatable.



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3 responses to “Addison’s disease

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your dog. Pets really are family members and it’s sad to see them go through stuff like that, but thankfully (as you said) it’s treatable.

    My dog had surgery a few months ago and her leg was shaved, too. It looked sooo cute, funny, and sad all at the same time!!

    I call the back joints knees and the front joints elbows… no clue what they’re really called :)

  2. i like that, her elbows.

  3. Awww, poor Maddie. I hope she is feeling better soon.

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